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Video On Time On Budget
5 Tips for Keeping Your Video Project Organized and On Budget
Video is a significant investment of time and resources for any not-for-profit, no matter how big or small. When projects get off track, it often means they go over budget.
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#illridewithyou: Kindness Catalysts
For the past couple of days - weeks, really - I’ve scanned the news in the evening and walked away saying to myself, “God, the world is terrible.” Then something like #illridewithyou pops up and I’m reminded of the overwhelming power of the world’s do-gooders to make things less terrible.
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How to Make People Feel Like They Matter on Social Media
Matterness: Making People Matter More in a Social World
Social media have fundamentally upended traditional organizational communications because they are by nature multi-directional. Organizations use them to speak to the world — but the world uses them to speak back.
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Mechon Hadar's responsive design
MechonHadar.org: Open Source Judaism in a Modern Design
The Jewish learning institution Mechon Hadar came to See3 with a challenge. As a world-renowned influencer on Torah learning and a leader of the Partnership Minyan movement, Mechon Hadar needed a website that reflected their influence and importance.
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This Thanksgiving, We're #Thankful4Home
This Thanksgiving, See3 and Kindling Group are working with advocates for people experiencing homelessness in Chicago through the campaign #thankful4home.