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Rush Limbaugh – Back to the Future

Speaking of the power of video… these days we are swamped by political TV ads in the run-up to the election on November 7. By now you have probably heard about the Michael J. Fox ads on behalf of some Democrats on the issue of stem cell research. Fox has Parkinson’s disease and has been a big supporter of stem cell research. In the ads he made you can see the involuntary movements that are familiar to anyone who knows someone with Parkinson’s. It’s powerful to see it, especially after knowing Fox as an actor.

Rush Limbaugh attacked Fox on his radio show. Limbaugh says Fox was faking it or he didn’t take his medication. Now we have the video of Limbaugh saying these things. It was aired on the Keith Olbermann show on MSNBC and it certainly adds to our understanding of Limbaugh as a human being. My favorite line from Olbermann: “Should we not be deferring to Rush Limbaugh on this because he knows so much more about prescription drugs than the rest of the nation combined? In fact this maybe his only area of genuine expertise.”

Here’s the Windows Media Version and here’s the QuickTime Version.

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