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Art in New York

People love our See3 logo. We love our See3 logo.

It was designed by a New York artist named Cindy Workman. Cindy is having an art show, and if you are in New York, you should take a look. Here are the details:

art… Artist Cindy Workman has a new show called “Les Demoiselles” that features arresting, composite images of women fashioned from disparate sources including magazines, online images, even sewing pattern envelopes. The women are in varying states of dress and emotions – some engage us eye to eye, others avert their gaze. Ms. Workman used to work in traditional collage techniques but has now moved to digital imaging. The work remains as fresh and quietly fierce as ever. Opens tonight, 6-8pm, at Lennon, Weinberg, 514 W. 25th [10th/11th] 212.941.0012.

And here’s a preview.

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