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Happy Passover from the American Jewish World Service

I think we do great work all the time here at See3, but I am particularly proud of the piece below. It happens to feature See3 Executive Producer Danny Alpert‘s parents who have volunteered in developing areas for the second year in a row.

This video is the first in a series of videos we are producing for the American Jewish World Service. There will be more than a dozen other pieces, all pulled from the same library of footage. They will include an event piece, pieces designed as capacity-building fundraising/outreach videos for specific grantees, and several website and direct response pieces.

This is a direct response piece and will be embedded directly into a Convio donation page. We strongly believe in not making people click more than they have to and with portable media you can have folks watch the video and then, if the spirit moves them, donate without having to make any extra effort to find the donation form. Donordigital is managing the email aspects of the campaign.

The piece will launch later this week and I will post the AJWS page so you can see how it looks when embedded with donation functionality.

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