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Non-Profit Technology Professionals Principles/Code of Conduct

Thanks to the hard work of John Kenyon, the nonprofit technology community now has a professional code of conduct. In the next few months look for the launch of a logo and way for all nonprofit tech professionals, like us here at See3, to formally adopt this code.

Non-Profit Technology Professionals Principles/Code of Conduct

We, as technology professionals serving nonprofit organizations, pledge to:

1. Do No Intentional Harm to Data or Devices Containing Data

2. Appreciate, Respect and Adapt Our Approaches Appropriately an
Organization’s Culture, Mission, Context and Resources

3. Focus On Solutions Appropriate in Both the Short and Long Term
to An Organization¬Ęs Culture, Mission, Context and Resources

4. Explain/Demonstrate Technology Strategies and Tools Using Clear,
Non-Technical Language

5. Understand and Communicate the Applicable Excellent Practices,
Legal and Technical Requirements Related to Our Work

6. Engage in Continuous Learning Practices to Maintain Our Skills
and Knowledge

7. Regularly Participate In and Share Our Knowledge With Our Community

8. Maintain Ethical Practices and Declare Any Conflicts of Interest

9. Provide Recommendations and Not Directives, Communicating the
Reasoning Behind those Recommendations, Ensuring the Decision is
Always the Clients

10. If We Charge for Our Services, to be Transparent About Product
Pricing and/or Project Costs

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