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See3 Blog Tips: #5 Andrew Mason (The Point)

I ran into Andrew Mason at his booth for The Point in the sponsor section of the Netroots Nation conference. I remember he caught my interest with a statement that began,

“If mankind and the internet were conceived today at the same time by God, we would not be pursuing change in the way we do today…”

He continued to explain that instead of complaining about certain companies or organizations, we should leverage our powers as consumers and cooperate as a group. He believes that the internet is the best way to mobilize that power.

Andrew Mason is the founder of The Point which uses the web to organize group actions. You can see a funny and instructive video about how it works here and read the latest on the company’s blog In this video, Andrew talks about how to empower your readers and build community around your blog.

Blog Tip: How To Build Community – Call For Action!

Spread the word! See3 is building a community of bloggers who support good causes and are receptive to sharing worthwhile messages with their readers. Be the first to hear about new campaigns from organizations like the Sierra Club and receive resources specific to your blog’s area of interest. If you’d like to join the See3 Blogger Network, shoot me an email at with a short description of your blog or website. I’m sure your inboxes are as full as mine so I promise to only send things that are relevant to your interests!


I enjoyed reading your post; I am running a small website on video conferencing I am a beginner in this business. I don’t know much about it but I am searching around for material that can increase my knowledge

[...] In case you haven’t heard, The Point is a website that uses the power of collective action to “organize, fundraise, or persuade”. I had pleasure of speaking with Andrew Mason, founder of The Point at Netroots Nation in July. You can see my post and video interview with him on the See3 blog. [...]

Wow, wow, wow, Alex — this is just fabulous. Fabulous concept, desperately needed. I’m really excited. I’ve got at least one thing going on at my blog right now that I’d love to turn into a campaign of this sort — a way to have readers (uh, all 3 of them) take some action. I’m really, really impressed and will definitely stay tuned!

(I also have to wonder if your post on my blog is related to a private email I sent yesterday, in which case I would be even MORE impressed with this project. TRULY cool. If not, just ignore this little aside.)

Dorothee! Sorry!

[...] Check it out and learn more about the see3 network here. [...]

Many thanks for posting this, Dorothy. Andrew does have a pretty good grasp on the science and interplay involved in social action and interaction. I am glad that you were able to speak with him about this topic in particular.

Further, I really like the idea of the series/network. Please keep up the great work.

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