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Innovative Youth Outreach

See3 has been working for months with NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation to conceive, develop, and produce their latest youth-oriented initiative: free.will.power. This innovative video-based online initiative is designed to reach younger activists and recruit a new generation of young women and men into the pro-choice movement.

The result is, centered around a series of three animated music videos, to be released over a 6-week period. Each video features a young, critically-acclaimed spoken-word artist – Shira Erlichman, Alvin Lau, and Deja Taylor – as well as renowned musician, DJ Spooky. We wrapped compelling words, visuals, and sound into a thought-provoking series, with each video riffing on a different word: “Free”, “Will”, and “Power”.

You can see the first video, “Free”, below:

On the website, there are interactive ways for new activists to get involved with NARAL Pro-Choice America’s work, including taking action on a choice-related issue, learning about state-by-state legislation, or entering (and later voting in) a $1,000 t-shirt design contest. (We even re-skinned their MySpace page to reflect the microsite creative!)

And the timing for this initiative couldn’t be better.

“In the 2008 presidential election, we witnessed how the power of technology and the enthusiasm of young voters revolutionized the political process,” says Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation. “This generation of youth is the most diverse and engaged generation in our country’s history. free.will.power represents one way to engage this new generation of activists and connect them with the pro-choice cause.”

We had this technology-centered, enthusiastic young audience in mind from the very beginning, always asking the question, “In this age of 24/7 information access, what will get their attention, connect with them, and really make them think?” You can see what some bloggers are already saying here, here, and here.


Sorry about that Adam, the correct video is now embedded in this post – enjoy!

Hi Adam,

The video is embedded in this blog post, and viewable on the homepage of

Where’s the video??? Can’t wait to see it.

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