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Is your Web site giving you a bad hair day?

Pink Poodle In the classic chick flick “Legally Blonde,” Elle Wood saves the day with her epiphany, “The rules of hair care are simple and finite!”

Combing through the challenges of a Web site design (or redesign) can cause a truly bad hair day. And yet, the basic rules of Web design are also simple and finite.

Don’t flip your wig! If you couldn’t join us at the Web Design for Nonprofits workshop this week, you can still view the slides from our presentation on The Dos and Don’ts of Web Design. We’d love to help you with your Web site!

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Thanks to my daughter I know rules of hair care. She insisted on seeing the musical, which I fully enjoyed.

Well, we have an award winning website, but I’m always interested in the Do’s and Don’ts.

David A. Mroczkowski

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