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Daily DoGooder: What’s in the Fridge?

See3 Communications and The Daily DoGooder

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What’s in the Fridge? | 0:31

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Beginning with a seemingly innocuous question, ‘What’s in the fridge?’, the scenario turns brutally violent, as a representative of Big Agriculture silences both the witness and the question itself.  The “ag gag” legislation agribusiness is promoting criminalizes attempts to document unlawful, inhumane, and environmentally destructive conduct on factory farms. Short and powerful—a real hit upside the head—this video balances activism, politics, and the freedom to ask questions. Agribusiness shouldn’t be able to act with impunity,  silencing perspectives on food manufacturing is tantamount to denying our right to know what we eat. 

Protect yourself and your food, after all, you eat it.  Sign a petition to oppose ‘ag gag” laws at  
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