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We’re Back!

The first time our blog died was when we discovered Twitter. I was a tweeting machine, and made some amazing relationships through Twitter. But we discovered that while Twitter was great for relationships, it was not so great for in-depth learning or teaching. We re-launched the blog a year later.

Then, last year, we started the Daily DoGooder, an outgrowth of the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards, where we send you one great cause video each day. We deliver that video to your in-box, but we needed a place to house all that awesome content online. We used the See3 blog as a temporary solution. So for a year now the See3 blog was the home of the Daily DoGooder. Now that we launched the official website of the Daily DoGooder, we have our blog back. We’re going to make it sing.

The See3 blog will be a place where See3 staff and guest bloggers explore issues of concern to nonprofit organizations and the agencies that service them. Our focus will be on interactive marketing and communications. We will explore ways in which fundraising online can be enhanced as well as new ways and best practices for online advocacy campaigns.
We will also talk about online video and how the internet has changed user expectations about what they see and what they read. We will share some of our favorite videos and campaigns, and we will talk about ways in which organizations of all sizes can utilize the web to advance their mission.

Unlike previous incarnations of our blog, this time we will have a high level of participation from the See3 team that brings so much expertise to the table. We are excited to be back to blogging.

If you have questions or issues you are looking for answers to, let us know and maybe we can answer them in the blog.

If you have ideas for blog posts or you want to contribute to this learning space, we would love to hear from you.

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