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3 Smart Ways to use Social Media for Fundraising

There are folks in the non-profit world who believe that, when it comes to fundraising, social media is a waste of time. (Many of those people happen to be in the direct mail business!)

During this year’s International Fundraising Congress in Holland, it was our CEO Michael Hoffman’s goal to put a critical eye on social media fundraising and pick out where it can really work.

The slides for this presentation are below. What Michael did after reviewing the state of the art is come up with 3 Smart Ways to use Social Media for Fundraising.



What are the 3 smart ways?

1.       Multichannel Fundraising: Social media can compliment your other fundraising channels and drive donors to online donation pages, reinforce messages coming from direct mail, and act as an important customer service channel for donors. Michael uses the Humane Society of the United States as a case study.

2.       Crowdsourcing: Nonprofits can get in on the excitement and opportunity of the Kickstarter phenomenon. Just not on Kickstarter, which doesn’t like nonprofit orgs very much. Michael walked through what it means to create your own crowdfunding project, showed some great examples from Razoo, and used a case study from Beth Kanter about how to succeed.  

3.       Curation: There is already amazing content online that talks about your issue or your organizational values. Simply be presenting other people’s material in engaging ways and framing it properly, you can create massive interest, clicks, sign ups and overall awesomeness. Don’t believe us? Check out Upworthy and their almost 4 million Facebook friends and Groundswell, a See3 client that is emulating this success to bring attention – and sign-ups – to their site.

Has your organization had success with fundraising on social media? What is still holding you back from trying? Let us know about your experiences or your favorite social fundraising campaigns in the comments below!

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