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3 Tips for Keeping a Fresh Perspective on Video

3 Tips for Keeping a Fresh Perspective on Video

Last week at See3, we created vision boards to set personal, professional and cause-based goals for 2015. While I wasn't able to make it to the office for vision boarding since I work in Switzerland, I wanted to share my big goal this year: to keep a fresh perspective on video. There are ways for me to do this both personally and professionally, and here are some ways I plan to accomplish my goal: 

  1. Search for new perspective. I’ve made a resolution that when brainstorming a new idea for a video, that I challenge myself to look at as many angles and perspectives as possible even if it means changing my own perspective. There’s a fantastic TED Radio Hour on this. It examines why some perceptions persist even when they're not based in truth, and explains some of the huge consequences of stereotypes. 
  2. Watch, listen, and learn from others. We don’t need a psychic to tell us that video is the continual trending online medium – especially now that autoplay videos are dominating our Facebook feeds. I plan to take a moment and analyze all of the online I watch every day. Why is it working? What in the story resonates with me? Is it the sound? Images? Length? Tone of voice? One way I plan on doing this is by continuously following National Geographic on Instagram. They post a photo a day with a story from the photographer – including information about what the photographer was thinking and where the photo was taken.
  3. Be open to new tools without letting technology overwhelm me. I’m following GoPro, Vimeo, Adobe, and Canon on social media. This is keeping me up to date not only on the latest tools at my disposal but also provides me with educational opportunities. You can pick and choose what is right for you, but don’t let it become overwhelming. Video tools are constantly changing and keeping up with everything is next to impossible.

Another personal goal for the year is to get outside my comfort zone and work on my cinematography skills! My day to day See3 work keeps me pinned at my desk or in the field directing, and it’s been awhile since I’ve picked up a camera and shot my own footage. Wish me luck!

How do you keep a fresh perspective on your work? Let us know in the comments! 

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Great Post. I think some amazing tools to utilize for storytellers include the new app nutshell by the people who make Prezi. Also check out Cameo which was recently purchased by Vimeo. Its an exciting time for storytellers in general and its time to go way beyond just thinking video, its transmedia time!

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