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3 Tips to Make Video Work for Your Organization

How do you make video work for your organization? See3 has been doing awesome impact video for a decade now, and there are a few things we've learned that may surprise you. 

We recently did a guest both on Beth Kanter's blog with some of our best tips for how to make your investment in video a success.

1. Determine what the ROI should be before the tape starts rolling. When we teamed up with Edelman and YouTube to produce the Into Focus Report on nonprofit video, we discovered that over 80% of nonprofit leaders recognize the power of video. But they also felt that video ROI was often unclear. You should determine what a successful video campaign looks like before producing your video. Having a clear vision of success makes for a much better video.

2. Blow your boss's mind with some stats. Creating great video is easier when your whole team is on board. We pulled together some compelling stats from many different reports and included them in our post on Beth Kanter's blog. You can use these stats with your leadership to secure some video resources. You can thank us later.

3. Create a video strategy instead of one video. Just like email and social media marketing, video is tool that usually takes time and practice before it produces big results. As See3 CEO Michael Hoffman says,"To see the impact of video, you have to be using it as an ongoing means of communications, not a one-off project that carries all your hopes and dreams." An ongoing investment in video starts with strategy, where you answer big questions like what are our existing assets and what stories are there to tell.

To make video work for your organization, it takes time, resources and a clear vision of success. If you can work these tips into your organization's video strategy, your videos will be much, much more effective.

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A good friend of mine likes to say “Hope is not a strategy.” No truer words in the world of Web marketing, SEO and branding. Goals first, then creative builds the vehicle to take you there. Great blog!


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