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See3 is a B Corp!
What being a B Corp means to us
About seven months ago, See3 was officially named a B Corporation company. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about what it means and how it impacts our business. One thing is for sure: it’s more than a title. It’s a responsibility, a higher standard, and an opportunity to do business better. The mission of B Corp is to use business as a force for good. Joining the B Corp...
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family friendly work policies
We Ain’t Amazon: 5 Family-Friendly Benefits See3 Offers for a Balanced Workplace
You might have read the now-infamous New York Times article about Amazon’s rigorous work culture. Harrowing stories of employees being let go or demoted after tragic life events, being expected to respond to midnight emails within several hours, and tales about the common occurrence of grown men and women crying at their desks caused the internet’s jaw to drop. Thankfully, at See3 we...
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B Corp
4 Things We Learned While Applying for a B Corp Certification
One of See3’s company goals for 2015 is to obtain a B Corporation certification, which recognizes companies that use "the power of social business to solve social and environmental problems." What started as a “we’ll-have-this-done-in-a-month” project has become a deeply reflective organizational journey. We’re getting close to completing our application...
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Nonprofit Hiring: How to Overcome the Compensation Crunch
Hiring tips and how-tos are plentiful in today’s digital age. Regardless of how you hire, it’s clear that hiring the “right” people is critical to a company’s success. At See3, finding the right person goes beyond finding a candidate with the appropriate experience and qualifications. The right candidate for our team of do-gooders has a genuine desire...
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Happiness at Work
3 Company Culture Ideas to Boost Employee Happiness
As people working for nonprofits and social causes, there is a unique opportunity to fulfill what Tony Robins identifies as one of the two great spiritual needs: to grow ourselves and contribute to the world. I can personally testify to the importance in fulfilling the need to contribute to the world through my work and how this translates into my own overall happiness. Over the last 18 months,...