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Virtual Reality as Empathy Engine for Nonprofits
(Photo Credit: NYTVR) Did you see that stunt the New York Times pulled off this weekend? They sent low-fi cardboard virtual reality goggles (Google Cardboard) to every Sunday, print subscriber. Lest you think it was an empty stunt to try to save traditional news reporting, I want to tell you why this is really, truly a game changer -- not only for journalism, but for nonprofit causes as...
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how to design a high holiday appeal for the attention economy
How to Design a High Holiday Appeal for the Attention Economy
Somethings never change. Somethings are always changing. The fundamentals of fundraising are constant. You hear staple ideas like invest in donor cultivation, and “you have to spend money to make money.” More than anything, you need to get the attention of your prospective donors before you can even make the case for why they should make a donation. And today we’re working in...
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social media
Get Real, People: Authenticity as a Social Media Strategy
Social media is more social than it is media. Just as the telephone is a technological tool to facilitate communication between two or more people, social media is about people and personalities, and relationships between them. While there are many good lessons and smart strategies about how to use social media (personally, professionally and as a brand), authenticity is paramount for any...
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earned media
Words vs. Word of Mouth: The Difference Between Owned, Earned and Paid Media
“We need to be reaching more people.” The constant refrain we hear from organizations that believe they have something valuable that the world should be paying more attention to. It’s true. But we’re living in an attention economy, where everyone is so flooded with messages, content and noise that all we want to do is filter it out. Yes, we need to be reaching more...
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What Do We Mean When We Say “Capacity Building”?
At See3 we work on capacity building for organizations seeking to align their organization with the revolution in modern communications. In fact, we think this is so important that it has become a central part of all of our consulting work and this work on capacity gives the best long-term ROI of any activities we can do. But what do we actually mean by capacity building? What does capacity mean...
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Project-Based Learning
Can You Build Capacity by Taking on Another Project?
Above: Members of the Jewish Day School Social Media Academy are all smiles after a social media boot camp.  Really effective use of social media is more social than media. It is a tool to build and activate a network around important causes. It helps humanize your work, amplify your activists, and support your evangelists. It helps tell your stories (and those of your beneficiaries). And...
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Nonprofit Communications
Communications: The Nonprofit Nervous System
What’s the most important part of the human body? Some might say the heart, or the lungs. Others might advocate for the epidermis – the layer of skin that protects our insides from the outside world. Me? I’d vote for the nervous system. The nervous system makes everything work. It coordinates our body’s voluntary and involuntary actions, and controls communications from...