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Video On Time On Budget
5 Tips for Keeping Your Video Project Organized and On Budget
In video production (as in life!), planning is the key to success. At See3, we know video is a significant investment of time and resources for any nonprofit, no matter how big or small. When projects get off track, it often means they go over budget. This is bad for the client and the video partner, and can lead to dissatisfaction in the final product.  Fortunately,...
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Free Ways to Increase YouTube Views
9 Free Ways Increase YouTube Video Views
Image in header made by MushroomNetworks.com If the goal of your video is to rack up YouTube views, you have some tough competition. As we often tell our video clients, nonprofits are ultimately competing against cat videos for their audience’s attention. This means that nonprofit videos need to be entertaining - not just informative. If you can hook your audience with a compelling...