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Conversion Booster: Converting Eyeballs Into Action

Up until now, the most effective way we’ve been able to increase conversions is with a combination of email and landing pages. Emails that are specific to certain segments, drive these folks back to landing pages designed to get them to take specific actions, like signing a petition, sharing something on social media, or making a donation. 

There are certainly tactics within email we can employ to improve engagement – personally, we’re keen on video. The challenge has often been in taking the very personal approach we’ve been able to achieve in email. Thanks to tools like Blackbaud’s Luminate Online we know more about our individual email subscribers than ever. But what happens once those people we know so well come to the organization’s website and start clicking around? Suddenly they become a stranger and our approach – which started segmented and personal – becomes impersonal.

How can we take the personal nature of email and bring it to the website? There are sophisticated, often cost-prohibitive technologies that would allow us to do so. Mostly they fall under the term “marketing automation.” Those tools are out of reach of most nonprofit organizations. Or, we could use a cumbersome method, such as asking people to sign in when they get to a website in order to deliver a linked and more personal experience. But most people don’t want to go through that effort and that integration between your CRM and CMS isn’t always so simple.

See3’s Conversion Booster

How many people who land on your website end up taking a meaingful action that helps your organization reach its goals?  What would it mean if you could increase your website conversions by 10%, 30%, 150%? What would you do with that kind of increase in your donations? How would that kind of investment help build your internal capacity? How many more constituents could you support? 

See3 has spent the past decade figuring out the art and science behind increasing impact for nonprofits and social causes. We use our web, strategy and video services to support do-gooders and their work every day. 

Now, we're launching something new: a progam called Conversion Booster. Conversion Booster allows nonprofit organizations to deploy sophisticated targeting and tailor specific messages or actions to website visitors. In the for profit world, the technology used in Conversion Booster is showing 30-170% increase in conversions. Here are just a few examples of what Conversion Booster can do: 

1. Increase social media engagement directly from your website when a user clicks on specific content 


2. Increase conversions by strategically placing "Contact Us" offers on specific landing pages


3. Increase email sign-ups by placing smart offers that only show to people who aren't already on your list


4. Increase donations with smart offers that appear when a donor looks like he or she is navigating away from the page


Conversion Booster requires no programming, and is easy to integrate. It’s an easy overlay to whatever CRM system your organization use today and combines a best-in-class technology from the for-profit sector with See3’s expertise in increasing conversions. All it takes is a snippet of code that goes on your site (like Google Analytics). No need to spend time coordinating with your web vendor or in-house technology team. 

This program combines technology and consultation with See3's nonprofit marketing strategists. See3 will help your organization identify the top 5 tools that will increase conversions on your organization’s website based on your organization’s goals and objectives, and then implements and monitors the program. Over time, the sophistication increases as you learn what really drives your constituents to action.

Ask yourself, what would your organization do with a 30-170% increase in conversions? How many more constituents could you serve? How many more people can you engage?

Organizations are spending big budgets on email acquisition and driving traffic to their websites. Even a small increase in website conversions will produce a significant positive impact on your organization.

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