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Daily DoGooder: Bus to Us – P4A

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Bus to Us – P4A | 4:12

Waukegan Public Library

This short documentary on the Waukegan Elementary School Bus to Us program was made for the Project for Awesome 2011 video contest. Bus to Us does an excellent job of capturing the socio-economic realities of small town education systems and the critical role that libraries can play in communities of all sizes. In a climate of budget cuts, services such as school libraries and field trips are not given precedence. Bus to Us, an effective example of creative community development, was created with outside support to enable students to leave the classroom and engage in learning activities. It is really awesome to see kids (and librarians) excited by activities and hands-on education. 

Take legislative action to ensure that  federal funding for schools will also include school libraries in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). 
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