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Daily DoGooder: Free the Bowl 2012

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Free the Bowl 2012 | 2:21

Alcohol Justice

Underlying the Free The Bowl contest is the undeniable reality that booze changes a person—sometimes violently. And when advertising at major sports events such as the Super Bowl encourages alcoholic consumption, those watching are more likely to drink; this includes children and young adults. What may be a familial or fraternal event is simultaneously spurring attitudes of alcoholic excess. Free The Bowl 2012’s theme is “I Love My Dad”, encouraging children and young adults to create videos reflecting the frightening changes alcohol creates in people and in relationships.

Help encourage a healthy approach to alcohol. Learn more about Free the Bowl, and if you or someone you know meets the criteria, submit a video. 
on January 17, 2012 said:

It is not the advertisers that cause alcoholic violence. We all have choices to make and you can choose not to drink.

fran alpert
on January 18, 2012 said:

pictures worth a thousand words…natural, minimalist approach is thought provoking….and makes an impact.

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