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Daily DoGooder: Gasland Trailer

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Gasland Trailer | 2:47

Every Friday, we will highlight a documentary film trailer to give you a great weekend movie suggestion.

We love Gasland because of its frantic and engaging pace, its brutal honesty, and the way it uses gravitas and humor to bring to light an issue that is of critical importance to us all.

Hydraulic fracturing, aka “fracking,” injects water, sand and chemicals underground at high pressure to break apart the rock and release natural gas.

Fracking is seen by some as a desirable alternative to oil because it can be accessed on US land.

Fracking uses 1-8 million gallions of water on each well, 30-50% of which is recovered.

There is a growing controversy about whether fracking pollutes the environment or endangers people’s health.

Environmental concerns about fracking include:Water used in fracking releases pollutants into the air.Unrecovered water that seeps into streams, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water, may be harmful to people and wild life.

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