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Heartland Department of Education | 0:53

The Climate Reality Project

Lest we go backwards in our thinking (the world was once convinced of its flatness), the education of future persons and communities must reflect a balanced, informed intellect. This montage of pithy statements from adolescent students hammers home the point. At a time when minds begin the rigor of critical thinking, it is imperative to teach environmental science, not as bias but as method of inquiry—hypothesis, observation, and conclusion, which have yielded a body of indicative climate data. While the notion of an ‘agenda’ may never be resolved in educational debates, allowing a curriculum based on the capital-perspective of any industry seems to skewer education perilously close to just one market ideology. And to invoke some drama, this video is no joke. Teach kids the earth is flat and they will start acting like the earth is flat.

Act now to keep climate denial out of schools.
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