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Daily DoGooder: I’m a Mac … and I’ve Got a Dirty Secret

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I’m a Mac … and I’ve Got a Dirty Secret | 1:45

Enough Project

That slick notebook computer has a checkered processing history. Certain minerals in the electronics can be traced to the Congo, where the mining is playing a complicit role in brutal civil conflict. This parody of the "Get a Mac" commercials urges a consumer stance, utilizing the demand power which we hold to reform computer electronics companies using conflict minerals. This is a good time to revisit this campaign, as this week, under public pressure, Apple promised to enforce inspections of the horrendous working conditions at factories making iPads and iPhones.

The DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards are in full swing with several hundred amazing videos submitted.†† We are excited to announce a fun new twist to the awards program.The Case Foundation is looking for something different†in this year’s contest and awarding a $2,500 grant to the organization with the most fearless video in each of the four categories.†These grants reward video creators that arenít afraid to deviate from the norm, use innovative approaches and fearlessly tell compelling, honest stories that are from the heart rather than marketing talking points.† Fearless video means taking risks for the sake of creating moving content that inspires the viewer.† To enter the awards, just visit the contest website†and submit your video.† Itís easy, free and a great way to show the nonprofit world your fearless video.†Good Luck! ††

Be a humanitarian consumer, take action at Raise Hope for Congo.
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