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Daily DoGooder: Invisible People

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Invisible People | 2:55


In this video Mark Horvath, tireless homelessness advocate, Twitteratti and YouTube celebrity, introduces us to InvisiblePeople.tv, which uses social media to raise awareness and call to act on homelessness in America. Mark  rips through the numbers  – 50% of the homeless population are women and children, 39% are kids under the age of 18 and, with more than a million foreclosures expected this year, he points to a looming “perfect storm of homelessness”.  Invisible People has created hundreds of raw, unedited testimonials of homeless people that smash stereotypes and give the homeless a voice. This clip was connected to YouTubes promotion of Mark’s work- we highly recommend checking out some of the clips. The diversity of stories is incredible and will change the way you see this issue.

Participate in the  InvisiblePeople.tv International Road Trip 2011, focusing on reducing homelessness at the local level and promoting changes in individuals lives.
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