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More Than a Month Trailer | 1:56


Filmmaker Shukree Tilghman is on a mission that most would avoid, ending Black History Month. Most Americans consider 2012 to be Post-Race America, but throughout the film we see the underlying tensions most avoid. Can one month provide enough information? If African-Americans are truly Americans, why are their achievements to the country acknowledged only one month of the year? The film also shows the dual evolution of the month, as both an unofficial holiday that can now be used to market products and a month of historical facts that are relegated to second-class status by proxy. This is a unique journey that takes filmmaker Tilghman to very unexpected places and incites heated discussions from Americans of diverse backgrounds. The only question that remains is, that in a time of enhanced political correctness, why isn’t it called “African-American History Month”?

“More than a Month” airs on PBS on Thursday, February 16 at 10 PM or find a local community screening.
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