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Daily DoGooder: Pink Ribbons Inc. Trailer

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Pink Ribbons Inc. Trailer | 2:31

National Film Board of Canada

It can be said that most people get caught up in movements before all the details are known. The recent “Occupy Wall Street movement” or even the “Green Movement” may come to mind, but what about the “Pink Movement”? Are we capitalizing on hope? For years many of us have bought or promoted the highly recognizable pink ribbon for all we think it stands for, breast cancer awareness and the support of cancer survivors. But is that everything the ribbon stands for? PINK RIBBONS INC. takes us into the back story of the pink ribbon from its early lavender color to it current status and what this change in shade truly meant both financially and socially.

Check out Breast Cancer Action‘s “Think Before you Pink” campaign where they urge you to make a stink over pinkwashing.
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