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Daily DoGooder: Reconciliation Through Healing

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Reconciliation Through Healing | 4:58

Preemptive Love Coalition

The histories of foreign countries are frequently lost, glossed over, or un-engaged by media. This animation presents a visual timeline of Iraq that asks a lot of the viewer both in patience and in imagining the destruction which the citizens there have experienced. While it presents a world undone by violence, it uses its graphics to illustrate the possibility of reconciliation through healing. Preemptive Love brings life-saving surgery to children in Iraq in an effort to heal and help offer life in the wake of a history of violence and health crises.

Visit Preemptive Love Coalition to learn more about this unique and necessary work in Iraq and how you can participate in the healing process.
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on December 7, 2011 said:

I think this video would have been much more effective if they had jumped straight to the girl who needed heart surgery. Going from the timeline to the story creates a lot of confusion, and at the end of the video, I still wasn’t completely sure what the organization did (do they send volunteer doctors to Iraq? do they build hospitals? to they provide medical training?).

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