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Daily DoGooder: Seriously, Serious PSA

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Seriously, Serious PSA| 1:01

Malaria No More
Part of Malaria No More¹s “Comedy fights Malaria” campaign, this video is effective as it pokes fun at fundraising videos in general and the ubiquitous celebrity PSA in particular.  These celebrities flub up, laugh and openly state what you know is coming: malaria kills 2000 kids a day, the solution is a simple mosquito net and “hitting you up for money in 5,4,3…”.  Giving is made simple with an option to text a $10 donation and use of youtube annotations for prominent links to tweet, like and give, that are built right into the screen.

This is a cause where little actions convert into saving lives, creating a sense of real efficacy for the many kids and teens who have raised funds on their own. Check out the Supporter Toolkit that provides materials for kids to learn about malaria and tools to organize a fundraiser.
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