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Daily DoGooder: This is Darfur: Guisma’s Story

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This is Darfur: Guisma’s Story | 2:19


This is the first in three episodes that tells the story of the horrors of Darfur, through the eyes of a real child, Guisma.  The video makes it personal, allowing people to connect with something as huge as genocide by connecting with one of its real victims.  It also shows the beauty and resilience of Guisma and the people of Darfur and gives a people an opportunity to participate in the solution towards peace, protection, and justice for the region.  Continue Guisma’s story with episode 2 and episode 3.

i-Act has many valuable resources to explore including Learn & Teach, which presents refugee issues and discussion questions and their blog, which highlights projects, including fostering communicating between victims and survivors, providing sports equipment for kids and mobile libraries in refugee camps.
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