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First Twitter Fundraising Case Studies

Tweetsgiving was one of the first Twitter campaigns designed to raise money. Built around Thanksgiving, the idea was for Twitterers to tweet (post) something they are grateful for, and at the same time post a link to Tweetsgiving where a donation could be made to build a classroom in Tanzania. The goal was $10,000.

The highlights:

* $11,021 raised from 364 donations

* 15,830 Total Pageviews from 7,563 Unique Visitors in 101 different countries

* over 100 press and blogger mentions

Not bad! This all happened over a very short period of time.

Some thoughts on why it was successful. It was designed FOR Twitter — not just something put on Twitter. The goal was SPECIFIC — a classroom, not support of an organization. (Don’t forget that no one gives to your organization, they give THROUGH your organization to make change.)

It cost almost nothing to do this, just the guts to try and the time.

I am sure we will see more on this front. What are you inspired to do now?

Link [Tweetsgiving and MeshugAvi Blog]


Actually, the first case study on twitter fundraising was done by the Frozen Pea Fund about a year ago. You’ll find it linked here with about a half dozen other examples of fundraising that used Twitter

I think if people just go out and tweet and expect the dollars to coming rolling in (even in good times), that it is a waste of time. You need to build up a network – one with decentralized hubs. Also, Twitter was the primary channel – but multi-channel approach is also key.

Thanks Beth. I think we are still early enough to say this is one of the first 😉

But thanks for pointing out the other examples. But… My trouble is, how does this really help existing organizations?

on December 9, 2008 said:

The experiment was to test Twitter’s speed. What could happen if you had a lot of hyper-connected geeks who are comfortable using Twitter in room to retweet in a concentrated amount of amount? In the analysis, one thing I learned was the importance of instant thank yous – not only via Twitter, but other way channels.
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