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How To Harness The Power of Short Form Video

At See3, we’re pretty vocal about how much we love video because we know it will help increase your presence on Facebook, engage viewers for minutes (rather than microseconds), and tell your the story of your mission with the color and emotion it deserves.

While many nonprofits understand that video is an essential tool these days, many still struggle to determine what they should be doing, how, and how much to invest in it. To address those questions, together with YouTube and Edelman, last year we published IntoFocus, the first ever benchmark report and guide to examine how and what nonprofits are doing with video and what best practices have emerged.

In an effort to practice what we preach (and show you how effective video can be) we’ve created new tips and tricks videos that spell out quick and important bits of video strategy to help your non-profit or cause. Our first video features the famous Beth Kanter, our go-to influencer for all things online.

Looking for more resources on how create the kind of video Beth talks about above? Our links below will lead you to some excellent examples and additional info on how to make the most of short form video content.

  • TechCrunch gives us a comprehensive comparison of the two hottest video trends on social media, Vine & Instagram.
  • Beth herself pointed us in the direction of non-profits who are already using these platforms with stellar results.
  • See3’s own Tristan Hanson spells out why authenticity makes a bigger impact than high-tech production.

Tell us- is your organization utilizing quick, self-produced video? Do you have any favorite examples? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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[…] Beth Kanter shares a quick tip with See3 Communications about how you can produce a short form video with your smart phone. […]

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