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Jewish Television Network Delivers Online Religious Service

Once again the Jewish Television Network let people remotely watch Kol Nidre (Jewish High Holiday) service from their home via live webcast. And, for the second year in a row it was a hit.

Now I don’t think the point was that people should stay home and experience religious services that way. But there is real demand for this among people who don’t have a choice, because of their location, or illness, etc. You can read more about this at the Jewish Television Network’s website.

Here are some of the comments people made this year about it:

September, 2009

I live in Colima Mexico, the smallest state of Mexico, no congregation here so you make me be part of my Jewish world. Peace and health to all. – Alix Ronay

I am unable to afford a ticket to a service this year since I am going to school; so happy to find this online. May everyone around the world have a happy New Year and a safe and easy fast. Thank you for having this online. – Melissa Pappert

This is truly a wonderful option for those of us without access to live services. I am watching in Japan, the nearest synagogue is in a different city. Thanks for sharing the warmth and blessings of Yom Kippur with the world. – Adam Greenberg

I am in Austin. TX and via Skype and Yuuguu, watching the service with my 95-year old father who is in NY!! – Karen

Bless You !!! I live in an area where the nearest shul is 3 hours away. This is truly a blessing. Thank you for inviting us in. – Lee Ann

From Colombia, South America…. we are very far from a synagogue. My husband and I are very happy for this online streaming service… more than a Kol Nidre, you are making a mitzvah with us. – Mayel & Bram Levin

I am from Desoto, Texas and the shuls are all at least 45 minutes to an hour away. When I found that this service was on the internet, I was excited to be able to attend via internet. Thank you for this opportunity. – Carolyn Lawley

I have not attended services for years – this is a wonderful opportunity and a beautiful service – thank you I am in Orange County, California. – Joel Meltze

Although I belong to a Synagogue, I am stuck at home recovering from cancer treatments. It is a blessing to be able to participate in services from home. Thank you so much for doing this. – Bruce

Hello, I’m from Northern NJ. I wanted to attend services, but am all alone and single. I really love this idea. Thank you so very much. – Monica

For the first time in nearly 50 years I was unable to be at Kol Nidre Service in Temple, and needless to say I was so happy to attend a service from my own home. This has brought me happiness and peace. Thank you Jewish TV Network. – Sondra L. Cohen

I am the only Jew in Richmond County Virginia…one of 9 000…I usually do my own services as I live over 1 hour away from a shul…I am so glad you are doing this…such a mitzvah…Thank you. – T. L. Neuman

We are watching from San Antonio with 2 of our children having the Swine Flu. Thank you for allowing us to participate. – Mark

I am an American, living in Mexico, and I am just beginning the conversion process. My “official” classes begin in 6 weeks with the Rabbi in Miami, Florida. Thank-you so much for having this! My FIRST Yom Kippur!!! – Maria Lisette

Hi. I am a single mom who has not been to a synagogue in many years and have missed it very much. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I live in Wiggins Co. Sincerely – Sharon

My son died last year and if I went to services, here in Boca Raton, FL, I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stop crying. Thank you for giving me this comfort and blessing. May G-d give us another year. Amen – Eileen

I’m recovering from a motorcycle accident and unable to attend services at my local synagogue. I’m very thankful I received the email notifying me of this opportunity to partake in Kol Nidre services. It’s been a very rough year for me and my family. Thank you for this chance to observe. – Steve Youngerman

I am 61 years old, have lived alone since my sons moved out and, considering myself an Agnostic, have not attended a service in years. When I came across your service, I decided to listen, and as I listened, I participated. This is the first time in years that, as I sat at home, I felt like I was reaching out to the Universe of which we are all a part. Some call it God, others call it by other names, but I felt good on Yom Kippur for the first time in years. Thank you for bringing me back. – Eric Shore

I am watching instead of being in my synagogue because I am with a terminally ill young family member. This is where I belong tonight, but is the first time in my life that I am not in shul. You are making me feel part of a greater community, thank you. – Fred Garver

I am a student at Bowling Green State University and cannot make it home for services, this is a great way for me to participate in a service while at school. This is a very nice service, and I really enjoyed the songs. – David

I could not attend Kol Nidre yesterday due to the rains in Manila. Thanks for Jewish TV Network! Shana Tova – Fernando Brodeschi

I am living in a small town in ND. Nearest congregation is 5 hours by car. This is a great service that you are providing. Thank you. – David Belluck

What a beautiful service you have brought to people like myself who did not have tickets for services this year. Loved the singing and joy that it brought to all the congregants there and on the web. Thank you for this again. – Roslyn

Being disabled means I haven’t been able to attend HHD services at my own shul for several years. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your services with the world. Not to mention that this service was a total knockout of amazing musical performances, prayers and wisdom. … – Eliana

We are currently not members of a synagogue. This is the first year in many years that we are not attending services, so tried your service on-line. It was truly unique, and a spiritual experience for my wife and I. I don’t think either of us have enjoyed a High Holiday service this much in many years. The sermon was also very powerful. – Alan Rosen, Boca Raton, FL

Thank you to Nashuva and Rabbi Levy. I am not affiliated with any congregation and, being unemployed, couldn’t buy a ticket to a local shul. I am surprised at how immediate and effecting this service was. The downloadable prayer book so I could follow along was terrific. Blessings on a prosperous and healthy year for us all. – Nancy Blostein

Thank you Rabbi Levy and your amazing Nashuva band. My mother, who is 93, did not feel well enough to attend services (for the first time in her life). I set up your service at her bedside and watched along with her. I was skeptical, as she is used to traditional/orthodox services. I was so elated to hear her say that this is the first time in a LONG time that she truly enjoyed the services!! Thank you again, so much for lifting our spirits in prayer and song! I hope that one day we can actually join you at the live service. You are fabulous. Todah Rabah and Shana Tovah! – Patty

From the sunny island of Jamaica in the Caribbean. Came online because the only synagogue on the island is far away. The atmosphere for worship here, the fusion of people, music and the message is something that is lacking at the synagogue. This was a good experience for me, and a long sought after one. Thank you. – Paulette

I was alone tonight. Just moved to Seattle, didn’t have a synagogue. After being recently divorced, my family, two grown beautiful children, with their wonderful mother, were in shul this evening in NYC. You saved me. Thank you for being here. – RMW

Thank you for broadcasting live!!!! We live in Maui, Hawaii. My wife is in her last couple of weeks of pregnancy with our fourth child. She was unable to attend and I was not able to bring my three kids down to our synagogue in Kihei. I t was amazing watching rabbi Naomi. We used to live in Brentwood (Los Angeles), and actually filmed Naomi in our doctoral project called Healers of the Soul (Rabbi’s and Psychologists). We were so happy to see her leading the service and performing so gracefully. Thank you. – David Wittenberg

I have no family and no congregation. I really wanted to hear Kol Nidre and was happy to find your link. I watched the service twice. Thank you. I hope the rabbi feels better quickly. She was pretty amazing, considering how she must have been feeling after her enlightening encounter. Gmar chatimah tova. – From Montreal

I was unable to attend services here in Alaska this Erev Yom Kippur and found my way to this site. WOW! In all my years I have never been so moved by a service. How very beautiful… Thanks so much for what you do…This is what religion should be. Moving, powerful, relevant, beautiful!!! – David

This is the second year I follow you all on internet, I live in Bahrain (M.East). I am a student of Kabbalah and this service is simply beautiful, I am so thankful for the year I had and also so thankful for having internet and being able to see you all! This is beautiful! – Ricardo

I cannot describe how grateful I am for finding you on the internet. This experience is incredible – just what I needed. Lots of love from South Africa! Am Yisrael Chai – Danielle

I tuned in last year because i was in the hospital for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. I’ve spent almost all of the time since last Rosh Hashanah and this year’s, I just came out of the hospital Friday night and am currently now wheelchair and house bound and so physically unable to attend services. I normally sing in my temple’s choir and miss that dearly, I didn’t know all of the prayers, but very much appreciate your webcast. Thank you for all you are doing to be completely inclusive…and liked being able to use the same prayer book this year. L’Shana Tova! – Leah

No shuls or public services anywhere near here in my remote location in central Italy. Thank you for lifting my spirits and helping me through the services on this Yom ha-Kippurim. I look forward to Neilah… hope it is still online, and not just Kol Nidre. – Martha

Thanks for bringing the Yom Kippur office to a small French village ( in Western France), far from any large city. Toda Raba and Shalom to you and your community. – Robert Ezraty

I live in the mountains of Kentucky, many hours from the nearest Jewish community, and often find it difficult to travel for services. Thank you for providing this on the internet. – Sue Greer-Pitt

I find myself for the first time unable to spend the holidays with my family who are out of the country. I clicked on your service and I was transformed by how heartfelt it was. Sometimes you can find a treasure when you least expect it. Peace to you all…. – Laurel

I live in suburban Toronto and was too tired to watch the service last night, so am watching it at 11am EST on Monday. I don’t belong to a synagogue and my husband isn’t Jewish, but would come to services (and has) if I asked. I decided to do this holiday “on my own” this year and I am so thankful for Rabbi Levi and the Jewish TV Network for bringing Yom Kippur to me. The spiritual content and music has touched me. Have an easy fast and healthy new year. – Randi

My husband isn’t Jewish and we have a young daughter which makes it impossible to attend services. We can’t afford to belong to a Temple and I didn’t want to miss the music, the tradition and the tears of hope and happiness. Thank you for this wonderful service. – Robin Goldberg

I find myself alone on this Yom Kippur, and in emotional pain. Your service warmed my heart and uplifted my spirit when I thought nothing could. Thank you so very much! – James Unger
Thank you so much for webcasting this service. I have always celebrated Yom Kippur at home alone since I have been married to a non-Jew….so it has been a very long time since I have heard the prayers and music in Hebrew. It has made me remember the times I spent with my father as a child going to High-Holiday services – he was always in search of place to feel at peace – under G-d. It seems to me, that Rabbi Levy has helped to create just such a place. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. – Laura

I’m undergoing medical treatments three times a week that require me to be put under general anesthesia. I can’t drive for 24 hours after undergoing the treatments. My local rabbi told me that the medical treatments were more important to my well being than the services. He suggested I check this site out as an alternative. Thanks for giving me an alternative. – Trina

A most energizing and uplifting service. Due to illness I could not attend Kol Nidre services in the temple in which I am a 23-year member and past president, Temple Beth Emeth of Mt. Sinai, NY. – Kenneth Leeds


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