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The Mobile Design Takeover

This is a guest post by Ivan Serrano, a social media, personal finance and business journalist from Northern California. 

In today’s digital age, there is one major channel now to get information: the screen. And of the screen – the smaller the better. People want information fast, and they want it to be accessible. There’s no better way to do this than through the mobile phone, and in much of today’s world, that means the smartphone.

With so many smartphone users primarily in North America, Europe and parts of Asia and South America and Africa, many nonprofits and businesses are transitioning their strategy to become more mobile-friendly. Instead of promoting deals and spamming customers with old-fashioned advertising, nonprofits and businesses alike are earning their audience’s attention in mobile spaces – from apps to responsive-designed websites.

If you want earn your constituent’s engagement in this attention economy, then your nonprofit needs to be thinking mobile first. The question is simply: how?

Here are some fast facts that you need to know about the mobile design takeover to get you started:

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