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2015 DoGooder Video Awards
Announcing the 2015 DoGooder Video Awards!
It’s that time of year again- the DoGooder Video Awards are back! If you made a video in 2014 that had an impact in your community or around the world, we want to see it. Compelling video can advance social change and create real impact. If your organization produces creative, inspiring videos, we think you deserve recognition for the work you’re doing. The DoGooder National Video...
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Fitness for the Soul
Fitness for the Soul: A Resolution for Donors
The first step to recruiting more monthly donors is for you to believe, deeply, that giving month after month is a soul-strengthening endeavor.
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Video On Time On Budget
5 Tips for Keeping Your Video Project Organized and On Budget
Video is a significant investment of time and resources for any not-for-profit, no matter how big or small. When projects get off track, it often means they go over budget.
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#illridewithyou: Kindness Catalysts
For the past couple of days - weeks, really - I’ve scanned the news in the evening and walked away saying to myself, “God, the world is terrible.” Then something like #illridewithyou pops up and I’m reminded of the overwhelming power of the world’s do-gooders to make things less terrible.
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How to Make People Feel Like They Matter on Social Media
Matterness: Making People Matter More in a Social World
Social media have fundamentally upended traditional organizational communications because they are by nature multi-directional. Organizations use them to speak to the world — but the world uses them to speak back.