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Poetry for a Cause

The CTK Foundation works to celebrate the work of nonprofits and to promote technology utilization in creating impact and addressing root causes of social issues.

Unlike regular foundation grants, CTK is focused on the “heart” of nonprofit missions. They want us to FEEL it. And there is no better way to feel it than through poetry and song.

This year, CTK is running their fourth Fund Heart and Soul Grant Award Program. To win this money, nonprofits must submit an original four-to-eight-line poem that reflects the work or mission of the organization. This poem may be written by staff members, consumers or volunteers of the submitting nonprofit, and must be original. The winners are then selected by a panel of artists and producers.

First place not only gets $10,000 cash grant, but also gets a song written for them, recorded by Bill Dillon, who was exonerated after 27 years in prison thanks to See3 client The Innocence Project.

Second place gets $5,000.

You have from March 1 until March 28, 2011 to enter. They will announce the winners by April 10th and there will be an awards gala in Austin on April 14th.
Learn more about this project here.


Thanks, Michael! See you next week. 😉

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