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Introducing NowUKnow NY: A Planned Parenthood Campaign to Empower Teens Through Smarter Media
Sometimes, our best work and that of our clients is born from crisis. We’re not talking the “I need this thing and I need it yesterday” kind of crisis. What we’re talking about is a real, human crisis where the health of people and the public is on the line. The sexual health of New York City-area teens is becoming a dire situation: STD/STI incidence is 161 percent above the national average,...
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Video Advertising on YouTube TrueView: A Watershed Moment for Nonprofit Online Video
I'm something of an ad geek. Maybe I always have been. Before coming to See3, I worked at an ad agency where I spent most of my time keeping up with an emerging world of online media tactics, exotic targeting schemes and new, hyper-granular ways to reach people with ads that spoke to their every personal interest and matter how gourmet. If you were in the market to switch wireless...
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