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Ice Bucket Challenge

The Last Word on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Now that we've all dumped ice water on our heads and the ALS Association has raised over $116 million dollars, it's time to talk about why the Ice Bucket Challenge really worked. 

See3 spoke to two nonprofit marketing experts – Kivi Leroux Miller of NonprofitMarketingGuide.com and Joe Waters of SelfishGiving.com – and asked them what they thought nonprofits could learn from the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign.

Hear more from Kivi and Joe in the conversation below.

Many thanks to Joe for putting together the following show notes! Check out his post on Selfish Giving for more helpful resources related to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

1:00 – Michael, Kivi, Joe: The Ice Bucket Challenge: Initial Impressions of the Fundraiser.

3:00 – Joe: The Role of "Doing" in the challenge. Do donors want to "act" then give?

3:30 – Kivi: Did the IBC need Facebook to succeed? Joe: The role of short-video in the success of the challenge.

5:00 – Joe & Kivi: Why individual supporters are in charge and nonprofits and businesses need to learn to lead and to follow.

8:20 – Michael: Why the IBC took off during a "Perfect Storm."

9:28 – Michael, Kivi, Joe: Nonprofits need to embrace new ideas that germinate outside the organization.

11:25 – Joe: Companies should bypass nonprofits and go straight to individuals. Michael: The role of everyday heroes.

13:25 – Michael, Kivi, Joe: Will the ALS Association make the IBC an annual fundraiser?

16:30 – Michael, Kivi, Joe: Is it wise for other organizations to try to copy the IBC?

21:30 – Michael: The role of mobile in the IBC and its importance to nonprofit success.

23:00 – Wrap-up and final thoughts on the IBC.

What has your organization learned from the Ice Bucket Challenge? Tell us in the comments! 

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