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What I Learned From My Internship at See3

Author Emily McMahon is a senior at Depaul University, and recently finished up a content marketing internship with See3. One of her final assingments was putting together a blog post about her experience with See3's Chicago team. 

The internship market can be daunting for soon to be graduates. If you're a student or recent graduate looking to work with nonprofits and social causes, reaching out to organizations like See3 – for-profit businesses that only work with organizations doing social good – could be a great way to explore your interests.

I am sad to say that I have recently finished my internship as a content marketing intern at See3. As my internship comes to a close, I cannot help but reflect on where the last 10 weeks have brought me. Here are some skills that I developed as a content marketing intern at See3:


Nonprofit Marketing

Pursuing a business degree, I have learned a lot about finance, economics and marketing, but in the nonprofit sector these topics are approached very differently. In nonprofit business you act as a communications professional–not a marketer–and you are targeting donors–not buyers. This mentality can be a challenging adjustment. Nonprofit marketing is based on establishing positive relationships, and communicating an organization's mission and intention is also a priority. This means having an up-to-date website, social media platforms and email content are essential for developing great relationships with donors.

Donor and volunteer relationships are essential to nonprofit organizations. To secure these relationships an organization should be media savvy. This this means developing a captivating newsletter, email format, blog, website, social media platforms and possibly webinars or infographics. Mobile access is essential for nonprofits today, so it is the content marketer’s job to create valuable and accessible content for an organization.

Nonprofit marketing also has to be targeted. Not all viewers find the same content captivating. As a communications professional, it is important to understand how to segment the market that you want to reach. By creating audience personas and establishing what segments of your audience will be drawn to what content you can maximize growth.


Google Analytics

Some of the most transferable and technical knowledge I gained as a See3 intern was by learning about Google Analytics. As a business professional you should have some understanding of analytics, regardless of the sector you are working in. See3 offered me the opportunity to become Google Analytics certified over the course of my internship.

To become Google Analytics certified, I studied a series of online modules and took the certification test. The certification modules taught me about the functions of Google Analytics, but also heightened my understanding of analytics as a subject. Based on this certification, I now know how to better analyze data, assess user impact and web traffic and implement strategies to better target an organization's audience and drive future growth. These technical skills, can be applied to a variety of business initiatives regardless of whether an organization uses Google Analytics specifically.



Interning at See3, one of my primary responsibilities was publishing blog and social media content. I used SproutSocial as a publishing platform for social media. Through following accounts, interacting with users and creating posts I was also to better grasp what nonprofit professionals expect from online media. I was also able to better target content based on how followers interact with See3. Audience targeting and market segmentation are a valuable skill for marketers to develop.

At See3 I produced tons of blog content. I wrote article as I learned more about nonprofit content marketing and about See3 as an organization. Some of the published articles I produced are: How to Create Valuable Audience Personas for Your Nonprofit, 4 Questions You Should Answer Before Buying a Domain Name, How to Secure Relationships with Millennial Donors, and How to Enlist Millennials in Your Nonprofit's Mission. Writing and publishing content has allowed me to learn about topics relevant to the field and has given me experience adjusting my tone and style to fit a specific organization.

While publishing experience has been beneficial for me at See3, it is also a skill that I can continue to develop and utilize. The ability to write successfully and adjust your style to a given organization is a valuable skill that can be freelanced. After learning more about freelancing from team members at See3, I have realized that many of the skills I have started to develop I may be able to freelance in the future. In the coming year freelancing will allow me to continue my professional development, while still in pursuing my degree. This professional security and flexibility is an awesome resource.

Obviously, all internships offer different opportunities. Based on my experiences as a content marketing intern at See3, my advice is to reach outside your comfort zone and develop new skills. Don't be afraid to reach out to colleagues you admire, explore other other departments, and learn new technology and systems. Personal, written and technological skills are applicable regardless of where you work.

Interested in working with See3? Contact Bridgett Colling, the Director of Content Strategy, at [email protected] for more information on internships and other positions.

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